Drifting towards a busy life!!


     The pitch was only smooth in parts;

              It sank at either crease,

     And motor vans and bakers’ carts

          At times disturbed the peace.

         The scorer, seated by the well,

               Kept up a fire of talk;

                                                            He was both umpires, crowd, and all,

                                                                        And plied a busy chalk.

Above are two selective stanzas from the poem ‘Six and out‘ by G.D. Martineau. You might wonder why all of a sudden i‘m quoting a poem based on street cricket here! Is it because of the recent IPL craze?? Or am I calling back the poem that I studied in my tenth grade?? 😉 Nope, its none of both!! You’ll understand as you read.

Everyone would’ve played street games in their childhood and I’m not an exception. When all my cousins gathered, the amusement had no bounds. The games that we played had rules of our own. A variety of childish games such as hopping, skipping, hide and seek, dumb charades, ludo, snake & ladder added fun and still the list goes on.

Cricket stumps ranged from thick broomsticks to chalk lines on the wall. Hopping game had floor tiles as boundary references. Hide and seek meant hiding at the smallest place we could fit in (Best-fit strategy :P). And we had lotta secret codes for dumb charades. During family functions, elders at home used to conduct games like Tambola, musical chair, guessing games and distributed prizes for the winners!!

Lately, I had a gaming experience with my cousins after a couple of years. This time it was Badminton.

See, I’ll tell you. This is one kind of serve” , said Karthik, who had mastered the game (or atleast pretended to have mastered). And he hit the shuttlecock up in the air.It was my turn then. I raised the racquet above to hit the shuttlecock and it flew away beyond the compound wall on a feathery touch.

This is another kind of serve“, I smiled with sarcasm ;).  He gave me a weird look and went in to take another one. I saw him picking out a nylon cock, but on looking at me he changed his mind and returned back with a ‘old is gold’ kinda cock. The game went on for some more time with everyone taking their turns.

When I returned back home, I felt like missing something. These happy moments have become rare occurrences now, as everyone has started moving towards busy lives for various reasons.

Business or Busyness – I couldn’t differentiate!!


An expedition to ‘Summer Heaven’


Back again with the same spirits!! 🙂

Well, this post is all about a pleasure trip to Kodaikanal- ‘The Summer Heaven’. The 2-day jaunt was planned for 10th and 11th of April. Every time that I’m all set for a joyful trip, waking up at unearthly hours (hope 5 am is unearthly 😉 ) nettles me a little. Yet, the feeling of heading for the hills from the raging sun was the sole comfort.

Climbing up the hills is total fun, provided you don’t get the feeling of nausea. Cool breeze, hazy clouds and curvy roads would take away your breath. The hotel we checked in was quite neat and pleasant. Soon as I placed my foot on the floor, it literally started freezing. Even in the late morning, the grass remained wet as the sun rays didn’t drive the dew drops off. After breakfast, we set out to visit the following spots.


Run by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), the Kodaikanal Solar Physics Observatory carries out solar surface observations on a regular basis. The museum consists of a rich collection of pictures demonstrating the observations and they depicted us the solar image. It also has the exhibits of traditional pedalling lathe machines. Hmmm, had I visited this place in my school days, it would have fascinated me a bit more!!

Guna caves:

Previously called as ‘The Devil’s Kitchen’, this cave acquired its name after the famed Tamil movie ‘Guna’, a fact that everyone knows. Only after reaching the place I came to know that the caves are closed due to some fatalities that occurred in the past, which almost dashed my hopes 😦 And I could hear voices of guys screaming out the famous dialogues of the movie such as- “Manidhar unarndhu kolla idhu manidha kaadhal alla”!!

Green valley view:

A place that was once a death spot is now a touristic spot!! Yes, I’m talking about the ‘Suicide Point’. I wonder how people had zero percent courage to live but 100 percent courage to jump from such a high altitude!! Deep and dense, covered with fog, the view from behind the grills is enthralling!!

Pillar rock:

Three monolithic rocks standing one after another, wholly referred to as the ‘Pillar rock’ provides a vivid scene. The Guna Cave is sandwiched between the Pillar rock. The garden near the Pillar rock is a good place to relax. A variety of hybrid flowers especially, the Pansy flower caught my eyes.

Kodai Lake:

Kodai Lake is one of the most enchanting places in Kodaikanal, one should never miss to visit. Boating, cycling and horse riding are other aspects of lake visit. We went cycling around the lake blithely for more than half an hour (of course, it takes atleast half an hour to complete cycling the whole lake once!!), which is the best part of my 2-day trip. 🙂

Berijam lake:

I’m not sure if many people visit this place which is situated 21 kms away from Kodaikanal. This is one of the must-visit places, I’d say. After getting permission from the forest office, we started our journey to the Berijam forest. En route to the lake, there stands an observation tower from which one can have a panoramic view of Berijam lake. Wow, that was truly breathtaking!!

That is all about the places I visited in Kodai. But, wait!! Don’t try to escape!! I’ve got a point to convey!!

When we visited the Kodai Lake, my hands naturally pointed to the icecream stall over there 😉 My dad ordered icecreams for everyone. The man simply unwrapped the covers and gave us the icecream bars. He immediately put those wrappers into the biiig trash can that he had. When my dad asked why, the man replied – “Sir, everyone comes here to enjoy.. They never care about preserving the lake. If I don’t do this, in 5 minutes those covers would start flying here and there finally settling on the lake”. I thought he had a valid point. Following that was a short lecture. Not even 2 minutes had passed after this, I saw a person (who was of course listening to him) throwing the icecream stick down. That was awful!! 😦

Some people who read this might think that I’m wasting my time! Let it be.. I’d be happy if the awareness of preserving nature springs up in your nerves atleast for a few seconds!! 🙂

P.S: I realise that this post is too long! Please don’t judge me by this post. I’ll try to make the forthcoming posts shorter. I’ll TRY to! 😉

I’m a blogger now!!


Finally, here I am..  A neophyte to the world of blogging!!

Having started a blog, I recall those good old days when people used to

draft their thoughts in a diary!! Nowadays, switching over to a paperless world,

blogs are indeed of great help to people in keeping their writing habits up!!

 I asked two questions to myself

when I actually decided that I’m

going to blog..

                                               1. Why do I start blogging now?

                                                    2. What is my blog about?

The answer for the former was just adding an item to my hobbies list.

I couldn’t find an answer for the latter even after hours of thinking..

May be i‘ll discover it soon!! Hope I come up with good stuff frequently and

keep my blog active!! Not sure of the level of that hope though 😉