You’re Beautiful – Review


You're Beautiful

Lately, I found people in my classroom earnestly conversing about a Korean TV series named “You’re Beautiful” which almost piqued my curiosity to watch it. As I started watching , it drove me crazy and even now I couldn’t get my mind out of it!! If you’re looking for a pleasant romantic tale, this is definitely for you!!

The story revolves around a music band named A.N.Jell which wishes to introduce a new member to the team. Unexpectedly, Go Mi Nam, the new member is supposed to leave for United States for a surgery. In such a state, Manager Ma Hoon Yi approaches Go Mi Nyu, the twin sister of Go Mi Nam, to play his role till he returns.

Having in mind her brother’s dream of becoming a noted singer in order to find their mother, she consents and enters the band as Go Mi Nam where she meets the other members Hwang Tae Kyung, Shin Woo and Jeremy. Leader Tae Kyung, stubborn by attitude, initially dislikes the arrival of Minam but later on discovers that she’s a girl and falls in love. On the other hand, Shin Woo falls in love with Minam as well and this is where the love triangle comes into picture. Yoo He Yi, the antagonist, poses problems to Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam but the team undergoes a few escapades to cover up Go Mi Nam from being exposed as a girl.

Speaking about the cast, Go Mi Nam has played a wonderful role with her innocent expressions. Shin Woo, the charismatic and tender-hearted guy was my favourite in the beginning, but later on I was seriously perplexed on deciding my favourite. At first, Tae Kyung seems to be rude and cold-hearted but finds his place in our hearts as the story progresses. It is rightly said that ‘Love melts even the coldest hearts’ :). Jeremy has given his best shot at humour. Considering Jeremy’s and Shin Woo’s one-sided love for Go Mi Nam, I pitied more for Jeremy as I always believed that unexpressed feelings have a greater impression.

Pig-RabbitI must definitely mention the Pig-Rabbit (that is how Tae Kyung calls Go Mi Nam) – my favourite part in the story :).  Tae Kyung picks up two dolls- a pig and a rabbit and performs a keen surgery ;). He fits the pig nose on the rabbit doll and presents it to Go Mi Nam. Go Mi Nam’s joy knows no bounds when she sees the Pig-Rabbit and the lost hairpin.

The series has also got wonderful soundtracks and I love ’em 🙂 I was really saddened when I reached the last episode as I’m gonna miss it thereafter. For those who haven’t watched this yet, just give it a shot. I’m sure you’ll definitely love it !!